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Why You Should Invest In a Breathalyzer

Whether you are a heavy drinker, a light one, or you drink on occasions, you need to think about the possibility of owning a personal breathalyzer. Looking at the statistics, you will realize that thousands of people have been victims of drug misuse. Alcohol abuse can put you at risk of losing your job. And like with most people, it might also put you at risk of a possible conviction for driving under the influence.

If you love having a couple of cold beers, but you do not want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law, it would be appropriate if you got to ADTBreathalysers and bought a breathalyzer. To prevent your life from taking a turn for the worse, here are some reasons why this gadget is a worthwhile investment.

To Help You Set Limit

Most people do not understand how much is too much as far as enjoying a couple of beers is concerned. Some people might recommend taking a beer for an hour and waiting some time before you start drinking again. However, it rarely works that way. Age, weight, and gender are key influences on how much a person gets drunk. And since there is no standard consumption limit, a breathalyzer becomes a worthwhile investment for anyone who does not want to find themselves facing DUI charges.breathalyzer test

Save Yourself From Making Uninformed Decisions

It is a known fact that alcohol consumption impairs reason. This means that alcoholics are at a higher risk of making the wrong decision than sober drivers. Therefore, to avoid finding yourself in such predicaments often, a breathalyzer can undoubtedly help you determine if you are sober and coherent. And since numbers seldom lie, a breathalyzer goes a long way in saving you from devastating consequences.

Gives You Peace of Mind

The last thing you need to worry about when you are just about to drive home is whether you are sober enough to drive home safely. While you might be accustomed to getting behind the wheel before subjecting yourself to a sobriety check, the last thing you wish for is to be pulled over by an officer. The consequences of a drunk driving charge can be devastating on your driving record. So you need a personal breathalyzer for you to be sure of your status before getting behind the wheels.