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Top Features That a Spy Camera Must Have

You don’t need to be taking evidence to use in a court hearing or back up your complaint against somebody to buy a camera. They can be used for some other reasons like security or checking your children while you are away from home. You can also use it to make videos, for example, pranking on a friend. Indeed, there’s more to a spy camera than what’s its name connote.

While all spy cameras have almost the same small sizes, they are not equal in quality. To be sure that you are getting your money’s worth, it helps to know what makes an excellent spy camera.

Here are the features that you can check before buying a spy camera.

Camera Quality

 a Spy CameraA spy camera gives you vivid videos, and it should not matter whether you are using it at night time or during the day. The quality of the images should not also be affected whether you place it high on your ceiling or at a low surface like the floor. A spy camera should have the right pixel resolution required so close images will not have those blurry look. The most reliable spy cameras have a 1080p display resolution to give you a sharper and more realistic video. 

Field of View

If you can find a spy camera that can give you 360 degrees field of view, then that can be the best option. But of course, there is no such camera until this moment. The most that a known brand can view is 150 degrees. So when choosing a spy camera, anything that may come close to it is already a great alternative. 

Weather Resistance

The functionality of a spy camera can surely be affected if it is not water and UV resistant. It means that you will not be able to use and leave it outdoors unattended. You may be losing your purpose of spying if you will be checking on it every time. It should also be sturdy not to be easily damaged when dropped accidentally.


Spy cameras will not be spy cameras if they are not concealable. While the size of spy cameras is the main feature that makes them almost unnoticeable, it is not the interplay of many features that makes a spy camera innocuous. This time, any eye-catching feature is a no-no.



The ability of a spy camera to live feed can be the best thing that ever happened to this tiny camera. You can also remotely control it using your mobile phone. 

Indeed, the spy camera has evolved into a multi-functional device that should encourage everyone else to have this wonderful tiny device but massive in significance. 

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