Meet the Makers: Thinking With Things: How To Answer Some Tough Questions With Play-doh, Pipe-cleaners & Beads

Sharon M. Wasco
in Make Change, Make Games & Enter the Lightbox (Floor 2)

Inspired by relatively recent developments in neuroscience and philosophy, and wisdom from pedagogy and the arts, this workshop is grounded in the evidence that cognition is embodied. I will facilitate a demonstration of the power of hands-on participation in fostering group interaction. Working together, participants will use familiar physical materials to create and share tangible responses to a difficult question.

Sharon M. Wasco, PhD, is a community psychologist and maker of change. Convinced by early experiences as a child welfare caseworker and victim advocate that groups of people can push back against even the most daunting of problems, Sharon works today as a consultant to leaders within the movement against sexual violence. The introduction of familiar and friendly objects such as Lego bricks, construction paper, and glue sticks has transformed the way she works with diverse groups. Today, she lugs her beads and buttons, Play-doh and sticky notes across various state lines trying to solve problems tough enough to keep her up some nights. Commitments to collaboration, diversity and pluralism guide her work.


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